The Potager

The Potager

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Junking

I do not frequent yard sales. I have enough junk in my house without bringing home someone else's.
Having said that with conviction, I long to frequent yard sales. And flea markets and antique stores. I long to spend days hunting down perfect treasures and proudly displaying them in my home. If I didn't practice self control I could get out of control.
So I avoid yard sales and only hit flea markets a few times a year, and rarely venture into antique stores.
BUT, Saturday the house three doors down was having a yard sale. I walked down there telling myself I only was looking for something for the garden (as if my garden needed more decor!)
I got some really good buys.

First I got this pitch fork for $4.00! We have pitch forks, but none that look like this one. (Yes, the grass in my backyard is in need of repair. That's a someday project.)

I got this large plastic pot for $1.00! I am going to plant the ground cherry in it and put in on my patio.  Hopefully the height and the patio will keep critters out of it.

These cute hanging candle holders may go into the Potager with citronella candles to make my evenings more pleasant. I just have to figure out how to hang them so they don't burn any of the fencing.  Or plants. They were $1.00 each, with the candles inside.

This cute little aqua pot was free! (That's my kind of yard sale!) It has one tiny chip and just needs to be sterilized. It's a cute summery color for maybe a begonia plant.

But my favorite find of the day were these two birds. They are cast iron or steel (they are heavy) and they were 25 cents each!!
I absolutely love them.

They look perfect on the coffee table on my screened porch!

But that's not all. I was telling my Dad that I was going to the yard sale to look for garden stuff, and he asked, "Like what?" And I answered, "Old watering cans, tools or pails." He said, "I have some old pails in the shop. Come get them."
My dad is retiring and has sold his shop and needs to have it cleared out by the end of June. Hubs and I have already made a trip to bring home stuff. But off we went after church Sunday and among the other stuff we got, I came home with these items - free!

A galvanized pail, a clay flower pot, an old green canning jar with glass lid, a half bushel basket  and my favorite thing, a white enameled pail! Super cute!
I think my junking desire has been satisfied this weekend. And I didn't go over board. (Or maybe I should say I didn't show you the stuff I went over-board with that has my husband scratching his head and saying - "Where are we going to put this?")

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