The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seedling Update - May

It's near the end of windows filled with seedlings at my house.
All the peppers that I repotted are doing well.
I did have a problem with a white mold on the pots with a certain soil I had purchased. I cleaned out the mold and sprinkled the pots with cinnamon! No more mold problems. The things you can learn on the internet!
The tomatoes are predictably leggy, growing by windows rather than a grow light.
But it is a good practice to bury part of the stem so it can form more roots, so I am not concerned with the legginess or the flopping over. The stems all look sturdy and healthy. I'm so excited to have tomatoes from plants I grew from seeds this year!
Of course, I have room for 10 plants, but have 23 growing here.

The ground cherry I got free with my seed order is growing well. I have never had a ground cherry, so I really don't know what to expect here.
And my little jalapenos are finally showing some growth.  I do hope they will get big enough to plant by the end of the month.

The eggplants that were also very slow in getting started are taking off now. The black beauty eggplants are larger than the Rosa Bianco. But both are looking healthy.
I need to keep those nasty flea beetles from them.
The last time I tried eggplant from seed, they ate them down to nothing within days of planting.
These are the sweet potato slips I rooted from a sweet potato that my daughter found had sprouted in her pantry. Only in a gardener's family would a mom be excited when her daughter comes for a visit bearing spoiled vegetables! This is a whole new crop for me, so I only have two slips growing. I hear deer like to eat the plants and they take up a lot of room, so I'm starting small so I can keep it inside the fence.

These really poor photos are the last of my seedling photos for today. On the left are the lavender seeds I winter sowed back in February (see post here ). On the right are the babies I nurtured indoors. I have three of the indoor plants barely hanging on, while the outdoor plants look healthy.
I never had luck with lavender. I was so excited about growing it. Then I read the package and realized the variety I'd grown will only get 10" tall.  I had wanted the bigger variety. 
I did see some nice plants at my local garden center last week,,,,

"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments."Janet Kilburn Phillips:

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