The Potager

The Potager

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Plants in the Potager

Saturday was warm and sunny. I planted the eggplant , sweet potatoes and the jalapeno peppers. 
Rosa Bianco Eggplants
I planted two Black Beauty and two Rosa Bianco eggplants. I dusted them in Diatomaceous earth so the flea beetles wouldn't attack them. I have had bad luck with eggplant seedlings in the past. I'm hoping this works. I planted four jalapeno pepper plants in the front bed. I removed a few lettuce plants that weren't doing that well. We ate them for dinner!
The sweet potatoes went in the corner bed, next to the jalapenos and watermelon radishes.
I kept the plastic on to warm the soil and keep down weeds.

Binx, the garden cat, supervised everything from a shady spot in the Potager. Smart cat!

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