The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Herbs in the Herb Bed

I've added some new herbs to my herb bed.
Flat leaf (Italian) Parsley

Curly Leaf Parsley

Purple Basil
I really love the way this looks. I hope it tastes good too! I'm still looking for green basil. The stuff at the green house I bought this at didn't look too good so I passed it over.
Transplanted Volunteer Dill
I'm still searching for the basil, purple sage and summer savory and then this little bed will be filled. I planted some zinnias to fill the space that the herbs won't grow into this year. I will also have other herbs scattered amongst the perennial flowers. These are all things that deer are not supposed to eat. We will see.  It's a slow process putting in a new garden bed. We still haven't had time to buy the fence that will delineate the boundaries of the bed, but little by little I have added to the bed, moving perennials that  are in places they are no longer thriving in.

 The Allium I planted is in bloom now. What a cool plant! 
There is so much more that needs to be done, but I'm glad I've gotten most of the herbs in. I love cooking with fresh herbs. 
Smokey and The Herb Bed

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