The Potager

The Potager

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Tour of the Potager in May

Welcome! Come into the Potager to see what is growing in May.

The flower bed in front of the Potager:
The Siberian Iris is in bloom.

Straight down the middle path takes us to the old planter that my Great-Father had in his yard.
The Nasturtiums that I planted from seed are doing well.  I thinned them, but they are still too close together. I'll see how they look as they mature.
In the center of the bed is the post for my whirly-gig airplane.

The interior boxes:
Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, Pak Choi Bonsai, Red onions, white onions, Spinach, 3 carrots that wintered over and Giant Crimson Radishes

Freckles lettuce, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Snow Peas and my funky chickens

Garlic, White Onions, Spinach, Carrots and Radishes

Mesclun Mix, Turnips, English Peas

Looking from the tomato bed toward the peppers and eggplants.
Peas on the left, roses and pansies on the right.
Looking from the Tomato corner toward the front of the Potager:
Tomato beds and swing to the left with Clematis behind the swing.

Looking up the left hand path toward the peppers:
The broccoli and cabbage under the floating row cover, the faucet and little blue chair  and the peppers to the left, the onions, pak choi, lettuce and snow peas in the beds to the right.

The pepper/eggplant bed:
Peppers to the left, with White Scallop Summer Squash planted in the corner and eggplant (Black Beauty) planted and
dusted with Diatomaceous earth, and the rose bush.
The view looking toward the broccoli and cabbage bed:
Scallions, lettuces, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers, radishes and sweet potatoes to the left. Carrots and radishes to the right.

Looking from the broccoli/cabbage bed toward the tomatoes.
Tomatoes with Sunflowers in L-shaped box, scallions to the right, interior boxes to the left, hubby's muddy work pants on the fence.
The Cosmos are coming up nicely in the lower bed in the back:
Looking down central path toward the Cosmos.

Close up of Cosmos.

Looking toward the back gate from the ever bearing strawberry beds:
Ever bearing in the foreground, June bearing in the background.
Looking through the back gate into the Potager:
Gate with cat made by hubby, Strawberries and flowers in the back beds.
Behind the Potager:
Asparagus and Raspberry beds.
The new Perennial/herb Bed ( a work in progress):
Perennial flowers in the foreground, herbs in far bed on left, potatoes in box, and empty box that needs to be cleared of Nut Grass before it can house squash. Fence is eventually going to be put up. There is too much to do and not enough weekend!

Thanks for touring the garden!

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  1. Debbie- I just LOVE your potager. The design is simply beautiful and you are growing so many things in there. I especially like the tribute to your great-grandfather with the pot in the middle. I do hope with all you have done ( and all that there is left to do) that you do take time every now and then to rest on that swing!

  2. Lexa, thanks for stopping by! I am on that swing every evening when my chores are done. It's my happy place!