The Potager

The Potager

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Update

It has been a busy weekend in the garden. The forecast was for cold and wet, and thankfully, it was warm and mostly dry.
Saturday the Tomatoes went in. I prepared this bed while the hubs was off playing tennis. There is a Black Krim in the corner and two Amish Paste next to it.

In the front corner I planted a Sweet 100 Cherry tomato, Jubilee orange tomato, two Moreton tomatoes, an "Ugli" tomato (from seed I save from last year's), and two Ramapo tomatoes.
I was glad hubby was home when I began to prepare this bed. All winter long the Maple tree in the back yard sent roots into this bed. It was back breaking trying to get them all out! Hubby took over and soon we had the bed ready for planting. You can see some in the tub trug in the foreground of the photo.
And more in the wheel barrow. The whole L-shaped bed was just full of them.
The tree really shades the yard, but I'm not happy about it's nasty rooting habits!

We had a torrential downpour during the night and I thought the tomato plants would be knocked over, but they were fine Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon I planted the peppers - 6 king of the North and 6 California Wonder.
In the corner of this bed I planted White Scallop Squash.
I also made a new bed for plantings by our patio.
The sun was out most of the afternoon and I got a slight sunburn.
The Bonsai Pak Choi has been visited by the White Cabbage Moth and little green worms are making an appearance! I looked to see how big the Bonsai Pak Choi should be for harvest and the consensus was 12 cm. 12 cm is about 5.5 inches. Meaning it's ready to be picked.
So I picked two heads, soaked it to remove the soil, and picked off all the worms, then washed it again.
It sounds gross, but they really have just started eating it, so it wasn't that big a deal.
Being that it was hot and sunny, as opposed to cool and rainy like predicted, we cut the pork roast I was going to make into boneless pork chops and threw them on the grill. I stir-fried the Pak Choi with carrots, onions and garlic. It was a wonderful warm weather meal and a great ending to a weekend spent in the garden.

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